Buying Your Generator Set


When you call HERCULES Power, you will be amazed at the small price difference between our BRAND NEW units and the second hand units being offered in the market.


Look at the advantages of buying brand new :


1) Reliability – the unit will always function when you need it, no more lost business opportunities or productivity losses during power failures. The amount of business lost during a power failure can be incalculable.  ALWAYS REMEMBER, a bad second hand generator can damage or destroy ALL your electrical equipment by generating fluctuating voltages or generating the wrong voltage.


2) Less Maintenance – Diesel engine spare parts are quite expensive, these parts can cost as much as the price of the second hand unit itself. When this happens, the TOTAL COST of your second hand unit would exceed the PRICE of a brand new unit.


3) More economical – Brand new units use less fuel than second hand units, that is a given. Modern engines utilize the latest state of the art breakthroughs in engine management, turbocharging and intercooling to maximize engine power. This way, we are able to get more power from a smaller engine, thereby use less fuel !


4) Digital Engine and Generator Management Systems – new digital state of the art control systems monitor all critical parameters of your generator, to ensure safety and proper running. These systems will automatically power down your genset should it run out of oil or water, it will also shut itself down automatically should the unit be used beyond its operating capability to protect all the electrical devices attached to your generator.   


5) Higher resale value – as you bought this unit new, the resale value would be much higher should you decide to sell it in the future.


6) GENUINE COMPONENTS - When you buy from Hercules Power, you can be rest assured that your GENSET will have only GENUINE and BRAND NEW Cummins, Perkins and Isuzu engines ( not cheap copies or reconditioned  ) , GENUINE and BRAND NEW Stamford and Leroy Somer alternators. DEEP SEA UK computerized engine and generator managements systems used in mission critical applications.





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